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Great Life Dog Food

Great Life Dog Food

Doctor-approved holistic pet food

Great Life Dog Food

Author of "The Healthy Wholistic Dog," Elliot Harvey MH, founded Great Life Performance Pet Products in 1996 after observing a lack of nutritious and premium products available for domesticated animals. With an exceptional amount of years of experience in the animal field, Great Life founder has developed a line of nutrition and quality feared animal products for dogs and cats. These products are comprised of all-natural and organic ingredients from all over the globe. Elliot Harvey MH is, also, a contributing writer for Animal Wellness Magazine, as well as Pet Assure, and a consultant to Pet Product News.

Great Life is determined to provide dogs and cats with a long, healthy life. The Great Life formula consists of ingredients from the high end of the nutrient spectrum. Without stopping at a premium natural food product, the food has been improved by Great Life's exclusive Nutri-Coat system, a layered, freeze dried raw meat source and added freeze dried raw greens, mixed baby sprouts (enzymes), prebiotics and probiotics. The Great Life kibble has been encased by natural salmon oil, in order to keep all the nutrients within dynamic and beneficial. In this, a consumer would be providing their cat or dog, a well-balanced raw food diet without the mess or need to refrigerate.

In attempt to fulfill their long, healthy life mission, Great Life has developed Great Life's Grain/Potato-Free Dog Food Diet. Replicating the same process as their other foods, a unique process is applied to provide a conglomeration of raw food and grain-free kibble coated in a wild salmon oil base.

Great Life food, produced in a facility in Midland, Texas, is cooked between the temperatures of 175 to 205 degrees; this specific level of heat destroys pathogens without annihilating the nutrients pertinent to your pet. The aforementioned temperature expands the pores of each kibble morsel, thus permitting the customized freeze-dried nutrition mix, featuring organic and natural proteins, fruits, vegetables, enzymes, probiotics and mixed berries, to seep inside and saturate each bite. This procedure is done to ensure a higher concentration of active and viable nutrients in order to provide your animal with all Great Life has to offer.

Introduce your dog or cat to Elliot Harvey-approved Great Life Performance Pet food.